Active Warrants

This list does not include fugitives from other agencies that may be located within Caddo Parish. If you can help, please contact us with any information.

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1 View IWANIEE ADAM 07/12/1984 NA
2 View INGRAM TIORA LACOLE 05/08/2014 28 F
3 View INGRAM AMANDA N 09/16/2008 35 F
4 View INKER LASHUNDRA EVETTE 08/18/2005 32 F
5 View IRERI JENNIFER L 01/08/2009 44 F
6 View IRVIN ASHLEY ELIZABETH 09/22/2017 28 F
7 View ISAAC PRECIOUS ANGELICA 11/08/2017 30 F
8 View IVEY BRANDI R 06/13/2006 38 F
9 View IKNER, III JOHNNY 10/20/2017 60 M
10 View INGRAM ROBERT ALLAN 01/14/2009 57 M
11 View INGRAM EARL 07/21/2006 72 M
12 View IRVING DERRICK D 04/25/2014 31 M
13 View IRVING VERNON L 08/28/1995 45 M
14 View IVEY DANNY ALLEN 11/23/2005 43 M
15 View IVEY, JR WAYNE LOYD 07/12/2010 45 M
16 View IVY TRACY L 02/10/2010 49 M
Filter By Last Name

CAUTION: Please do not attempt to capture any of these individuals on your own.

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If you know the whereabouts of any of these persons contact the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office 24 hours a day at (318) 675-2170. For long distance call 1 (800) 640-3091. During business hours Monday - Friday call the CPSO Warrants Division at (318) 681-0670. You may also e-mail your information by using our Contact Form.

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