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Blanchard man crawls through doggie door to burglarize home

Caddo sheriff’s divers searched an area of Cross Lake on Thursday to recover property stolen in a recent burglary, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Several pieces of jewelry were recovered in a bag that Sean Lindsey tossed into the lake after learning he was a suspect in a residential burglary in the 7100 block of Bickham Road in Blanchard.

On October 23, occupants of the home returned from the hospital to find that someone had entered their house through an unlocked doggy door and helped themselves to a flatscreen TV, cameras, collectible coins, and jewelry. More than $45,000 in property was missing.

An investigation by Sheriff’s Detective Charles Bradford led the Sheriff’s Office to Lindsey and his girlfriend, Carrie Harris, both 22 and from Blanchard. Lindsey was arrested and booked into CCC on Wednesday for simple burglary. Harris was issued a summons for misdemeanor theft.

Bradford said Lindsey randomly picked the house to burglarize and entered it after knocking on the door and finding no one at home. The couple stashed the stolen goods at their house a block away. Harris later pawned some of the jewelry.
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