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Intruder dies after being shot by homeowner

Caddo sheriff's detectives are investigating an overnight shooting that left one man dead on Old Mooringsport Road.

Robert Green, 48, no address available, was shot in the upper body as he tried to force his way into a residence at 4544 Old Mooringsport Road just before 11 p.m.Thursday night. The homeowner who shot Green was detained by Sheriff's deputies, but has not been charged while the investigation is continuing.

According to the homeowner, Green came to the house in the dark, beating frantically on the kitchen door. The homeowner, who is an acquaintance of Green's, opened the exterior door, but left the screen door closed. He ordered Green to leave and threatened to call the Sheriff's Office because he was frightened by Green's behavior. That's when Green opened the screen door and rushed in. The homeowner shot Green as he made entry into the house. Green was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The case will be reviewed by the Caddo District Attorney's Office at the conclusion of the investigation.
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