Inmate Commissary/Tablet Accounts

Commissary Accounts

Commissary is provided weekly to Inmates that have personal funds for the purchase of miscellanous items they can order through our commissary provider. Listed below are the payment/deposit options for adding money to an Inmates commissary account.

  1. Cashier Machine – the machine is located in the main lobby of CCC. The cashier machine accepts cash or credit cards. The funds will immediately be credited to the Inmates account, and can be used immediately by the Inmate.
  2. Access Corrections – this service is used on-line, with a mobile device or by telephone.
    a. Online or mobile:
    b. By telephone: (866) 345-1884.

There are two deposit limits regardless of the method used to make the deposit (phone/web/lobby kiosk)

  1. $300 per day, per credit card number - one credit card can deposit a maximum of $300 via any combination of phone/web/lobby kiosk deposit.
  2. $300 cash deposit transaction per day.

Internet Commissary Orders - this service is used on-line, or with a mobile device. With this service, you will be able to purchase commissary items for inmates, and the purchased items will be delivered to the inmate by a commisary staff member. Go to:

Telmate Tablet Accounts

Inmates at the Caddo Correctional Center are able to send and receive messages, receive photos, listen to music, read books, play games and much more on Telmate tablet devices. Get Started Today!!
  1. Create a free Getting Out account by going to:
  2. Deposit funds.
  3. Then connect with your loved one.