All visitors of the Caddo Correctional Center are required to abide by the following rules:

No knives, sharp objects, lighters or tobacco products allowed.

No electronic devices are allowed in the Main Lobby. (examples: cell phone, tablets, etc.)

Visitors may not wear clothing that reveal any genitals, buttocks or breats. Visitors must be dressed modest and conservative.

  • No halter tops, and no spaghetti strap tops.
  • All females must wear a bra.
  • No see through clothing, including clothing with holes and tears that reveal any genitals, buttocks or breasts.
  • All pants/shorts must be worn on the waistline - no sagging pants/shorts.
  • No pajamas (pants or tops) that reveal genitals, buttocks or breasts.
  • No low cut blouses.
  • All shorts and skirts must be worn at least two inches (2") above the knees - no higher.
  • All splits on skirst must start at least two inches (2") above the knees.
  • All visitors must wear shoes.
  • No house shoes or slippers.
  • No gang affiliated clothing, hats or shoes.

An adult must accompany visitors sixteen (16) years old or younger.

Children must NOT be left unattended in the lobby, parking lot, or a vehicle while visiting. All children must be under the supervision of an individual seventeen (17) years of age or older with a valid state issued ID or Driver's License.

Visitors seventeen (17) years old and older must furnish a valid state issued ID or Driver's License, show proof of residency (temporary or permanent) in the United States along with the photo idenitification:

  • United States Driver's License
  • United States ID
  • Military Identification with independent information included
  • Permanent resident card also known as a green card
  • United States passport
  • Foreign passport provided with a Visa or I-94 proof of United States residency

Altered ID's will not be accepted.

All visitors are subject to being searched.

No individual on active probation or parole will be allowed to visit.

Visitors under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be denied visitation and are subject to being arrested.

Visitors will leave the lobby area once they conclude their visit.

Children three (3) years old and older count as a visitor.

Children are not allowed to run and play in the lobby or housing unit visitation areas.

Inmates are allowed only one (1) visit per day, including a special visit.

Thirty (30) minute visits will be granted to visitors traveling one hundred miles (100) or more. Proof of residency will be required.

Failure to follow visitation rules may result in visitors being banned from the facility or subject to criminal prosecution.

A Watch Commander, Watch Sergeant and/or Visitation Deputy have the authority to prohibit or ban any visitor.

All items left in visitor accessible areas that are not claimed within 10 days of discovery will be discarded.