The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office has a very attractive benefits package, most of which can be realized immediately. Because CPSO is an at-will employer, employees are not bound by civil service tests or rules. Consequently, advancement possibilities and different career tracks are available.

The following is a list of other CPSO benefits:


  • Annual scheduled longevity increases after three (3) years of service

  • Supplemental state pay for POST-certified employees

  • Jail Incentive Pay for POST deputies assigned to Caddo Correctional Center

  • Annual education, physical fitness and firearms incentive pay plan

  • CPSO offers incentive pay for those with Honorable military service


  • Comprehensive medical/dental insurance

  • Insurance premiums for deputies fully paid by CPSO

  • For those dependents on our insurance policy, CPSO pays for ½ of the dependent coverage

  • Paid life insurance at two and a half (2 1/2) times annual salary


  • Excellent pension plan and vesting opportunities after twelve (12) years of service

  • Option to participate in the Nationwide and Prudential deferred compensation programs


  • Continuing education and training opportunities (Tuition reimbursement)

  • Incentive pay (Physical Fitness / Firearms / Education / Military)


  • Two weeks paid sick and vacation leave accrued each year

  • Twelve (12) paid holidays per year


  • Membership in professional law enforcement organizations

  • Furnished uniforms and equipment

  • Eligibility for credit union membership

  • Option to participate in the IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plan