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Reserve deputies are volunteers who complete the same state-mandated training as full-time sheriff's deputies. This allows them to carry a weapon and make arrests. Reserve deputies are used to supplement full-time deputies primarily on patrol but also provide support to many other departments within the sheriff department. Reserve deputies are subject to the same rules, and regulations as full-time employees of the Caddo Sheriff's Office. Reserves must be at least 21 years of age and have no criminal record. There are levels within the reserve program that require different levels of training to gain entrance. The highest level of reserves must successfully pass a 400-hour Police Officer Standards and Training course (POST), participate in about 400 hours of field training. The lowest entry level requires about 120 hours of training and about 80 hours of field training. All reserves are required to volunteer at least 120 hours of service each year. For more information on the reserve program, call (318) 681-1113.