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In striving to provide the best and most current crime prevention and educational programs to the citizens of Caddo Parish, the Sheriff's Office provides a large cross-section of programs with highly qualified speakers and instructors. Listed below are the types of programs available. Unless otherwise noted, more information may be obtained by contacting:

ATM Safety
Learn tips to keep you safe when you visit your automated teller machine. Deputies also provide information that protects your financial accounts.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Learn to say "NO" to alcohol and drugs. This program teaches youth about the effects of alcohol and drugs on your body and life. It includes visuals of car crashes caused by drunk drivers.

Bicycle Safety
Children can learn smart ways to stay safe while riding a bicycle. Information includes the proper way to use hand signals, how to properly wear safety equipment, and the importance of having a bicycle safety checklist.

Boating Safety
A member of the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team will teach you or your organization the rules and regulations of safe boating.

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Crime Prevention Trailer
Walk through this air-conditioned trailer and view up-close crime prevention materials, illegal narcotics and weapons confiscated in Caddo Parish.

Car Theft/Carjacking Prevention
Learn about anti-theft devices and the proper way to secure your vehicle. Deputies also teach what to do if you are the target of a carjacker.

Child Abuse
Deputies will teach you how to observe, report, and prevent child abuse.

Child Safety
This program will provide you and your child with information on how to observe strangers and how to react when they are approached by a stranger. It also provides you and your child with general safety rules and how your children can protect themselves when they are home alone.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Teaches community volunteers to respond to emergencies and local emergency responders in the event of large-scale disasters.

Court Appointed Special Advocates
Volunteer citizens who are appointed by a judge to represent the best interest of a child in court. For more information visit

Crime Victims Assistance
Violent crime victims or their family members may file an application for financial assistance to cover medical costs, lost wages/support, funeral costs or catastrophic loss. Arson victims may also apply. Applications to the Louisiana Crime Victims Reparation Program are processed by a claims investigator at the Sheriff's Office in the parish where the crime occurred. For more information, contact Deputy Camellia Williams at (318) 681-0870.

the CPSO D.A.R.E. program has expanded its presence beyond the classrooms and into the communities of Caddo Parish. In the beginning, the CPSO D.A.R.E. program had one full-time and two part-time instructors. Today, there are two full-time and two part-time instructors who are members of the CPSO Youth Services Division. Click Here for more information

File of Life
Senior citizens can receive a free file that alerts medics of their current prescriptions and medical history.

Fingerprint Identification
This program teaches parents the importance of keeping an identification record for children of all ages, including fingerprints, voice and video recordings. Deputies also explain what a parent should do if their child is missing.

Front Desk Security for Office Clerks
Teaches those who work at the front desk of local businesses safe techniques to deal with violent customers. Employees will also learn how to recognize suspicious packages.

Gang Awareness
Parents and children can learn together the consequences of joining a gang. Information includes understanding gang graffiti, clues that a child may be in a gang, and how to say "NO" to gang activity. Some sessions may include presentations from former gang members who provide first-hand information about gang lifestyles.

Gun Safety for Children
Does your child know what to do if he or she finds a gun at home or while playing? This program teaches children the proper response and instructs parents on the importance of properly storing weapons at home.

Home Alone
Children are given safety tips to practice when they are home alone. They also receive important information about the proper use of 911.

Hunter Safety Education
This program is required for anyone born after September 1969 if they want to obtain a Louisiana hunting license. The program teaches the rules and regulations of outdoor hunting and how to properly use and secure a rifle. Contact the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries to participate.

Identity Theft
What happens when someone becomes you? Crime prevention experts teach how identity theft occurs, how to resolve the problems that result from identity theft, and how to prevent the crime.

Kids First Gun Program
Conducted immediately after Christmas for those children who received their first gun as a gift.

Ladies Chemical Agent
Teaches women to use chemical agents such as pepper spray for self-defense.

Ladies' Firearms
Adult women learn how to use a firearm, putting safety first. Participants are taught how to shoot, how to clean a weapon, and all about state gun laws. This course is 9 hours and ends with a target-shooting session on the final day.

National Night Out

This nationwide celebration is held each year on the first Tuesday in August. Citizens and law enforcement officers join together at block parties across the parish to take a public stand against crime. Special activities provide fun for the whole family!

Neighborhood\Burglary Prevention
This program teaches how to observe and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. The program provides a forum for you and your neighbors to meet regularly and address issues important to you.

Personal Safety and Awareness for All Ages
You will learn what to be aware of and how to protect yourself from crime, how to avoid crime and report it, and how to respond should you be attacked or victimized.

Personal Safety for Kids
Children are taught how to be watchful of their surroundings, how to recognize dangerous people, places and situations.

Women's Basic Self-Defense
This program explains how to avoid becoming a victim of sexual assault. Deputies also teach basic self-defense tactics and explain what to do if you are victimized.

Rifle Sight-In-Day
Allows local hunters to use long-distance firing range as a safe location to sight-in hunting rifles immeditely before hunting season.

Rural Crime Prevention
Don't let your guard down just because you live in the country. Theft of crops, timber, livestock and farm equipment are a few of the crimes that occur in rural areas. This program provides tips for farmers and citizens who live in rural areas.

Residential and Business Security Evaluations
Deputies will come to your business or home and evaluate your building or residence.
Some topics covered are:
Personal security of employees and customers
How to prevent thefts and robberies

School Bus Safety
This program discusses how to be safe when you ride the bus. It also provides information about properly loading and unloading the bus, and how students can help bus drivers ensure a safe trip.

Seatbelt Safety
Wearing a seatbelt is smart! What happens if you don't wear it? Parents are helped with the proper installation of their child's safety seat.

Self-Esteem for Kids
Children are taught how to successfully deal with peer pressure and how to maintain a positive attitude.

Senior Citizen Security
With Help from the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office White Collar Crime Unit, crime prevention officers teach seniors to beware of common cons and scams.

S. O. S. (Sheriff's Operation Safeguard)
Family members of memory-impaired persons can register their loved one with the Sheriff's Office and receive a free identification bracelet to help bring them safely home.

Stranger Danger
Children learn the definition of a "stranger" and are taught the tricks strangers like to play.

Substance Abuse
Discusses the different types of substances, how to identify someone using drugs or alcohol, and what action you can take to prevent abuse.

Traveling Safety
You can keep yourself safe while traveling in your personal vehicle or using public transportation. This class will teach you how with a series of general safety tips.

Trick or Treat Safety
Children learn the importance of practicing safety tips while trick-or-treating. Tips include only visiting houses where you know the residents and never eating candy until it's been inspected by an adult.