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CPSO unveils new look for marked vehicles

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The Caddo Sheriff’s Office has unveiled a new look for its marked vehicles.

Sheriff Steve Prator said that beginning this week, new vehicles purchased by the Sheriff’s Office will have blue and gold graphics that coordinate with the department’s new uniform colors announced in October 2013.

Twenty-eight new vehicles purchased from the 2015-16 budget will receive the new markings. The retired brown and gold graphics package will be replaced on older vehicles over time, said Deputy Mike Gregory, fleet manager.

The new decals are designed, manufactured, and installed in house. They also include the addition of the department’s web address and rear hash marks for greater visibility at night.

In addition to the new graphics, the department is evaluating two Ford Explorers to see if that make and model will become the new patrol vehicle for the Sheriff’s Office. The Impala police package is expected to be discontinued after this year.

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