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Caddo Sheriff announces teen safe driving class

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator will host a safe driving program for young drivers on Monday, November 23, at Sheriff’s Safety Town. The program will focus on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.

The safety course will cover distractions including texting, cell phones, and music, and different forms of impairment such as alcohol and drug use. Part of the course includes operating an electric vehicle while wearing impairment goggles that simulate the effects of driving under the influence, Prator said.

Class time is 1-3 p.m. Participants must have either a valid driver's license or learner's permit. The course is limited to 20 participants, so pre-registration is required.

Call Community Programs at 681-0875 to register. Safety Town is located at 8910 Jewella Avenue.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact Cindy Chadwick at (318) 681-0666

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