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Caddo Sheriff's Regional Training Academy to graduate 38th class

Graduation exercises for the 38th basic training class of the Caddo Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy will take place at 4 p.m. Tuesday, November 24, at Summer Grove Baptist Church.  

Graduates will take the oath of office, receive their badges, and participate in a special ceremony where family and friends assist them with pinning on their badges for the first time.

Class participants received 360 hours or more of peace officer training in areas including law, patrol activities, traffic services, report writing, investigations, firearms, first aid, and criminal justice.

Graduates of the Academy are:  Jarvis M. Armington, Dirk S. Chapman, Jon-Marco D. Daughtery, Adam R. Davis, Colby W. Hill, Doriandres T. Hill, Lakeshia M. Jackson, Lauren L. Losh, Bryant C. Mendolia, Reginald L. Morris, Koran D. Owens, Amber N. Sheppard, Lauren V. Sims, Jesse K. Webb, Durrell D. Williams, Thomas H. Ashworth, and Eric L. Moore, Caddo Sheriff's Office; Daniel P. Green and Karen S. Miller,  Desoto Sheriff's Office; Michael J. Giammone, Adam C. Llorence, and Tamara L. Pitts, Natchitoches Sheriff's Office; Daryll D. McDuffy, Red River Sheriff's Office; Michael D. Gillie and Roy D. Thomas, Jr., Zwolle Police Department;  Cody L. James, Sibley Police Department; Joshua R. McCormick, Dixie Inn Police Department; Chad H. Mills  and David E. Quintanilla, Office of Juvenile Justice;  Carlos R. Ratliff, Southern University Police Department.  

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