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Student arrested for terrorizing threats on Instagram

Caddo Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 16-year-old Woodlawn student today for posting threats to fellow students and teachers on her Intragram account, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Posts made to an account for “wally_clown” threatened that Woodlawn students and teachers would be kidnapped and killed today. The posts were made on Sunday and were messaged to the Caddo Sheriff’s Office by followers who saw them on IG. Other posts threatened students at Fair Park High School.

After learning of the threats, both campuses were searched and additional law enforcement officers were called in to watch for suspicious activity.

An investigation into the posts was conducted by Caddo Sheriff’s Detective Jared Marshall. Marshall identified the juvenile responsible for the Woodlawn threats and arrested her for terrorizing. She was booked into the Caddo Juvenile Detention Center today.

Marshall said the Fair Park threats are still being investigated and other arrests are possible. 

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