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Juvenile charged with terrorizing


Another juvenile posing as a clown on social media has been arrested for threatening a classmate, said Sheriff Steve Prator.


Caddo Sheriff’s Detective Larry Pierce arrested a 15-year-old boy on Tuesday evening and charged him with terrorizing. The boy is accused of sending a threatening message to a classmate on Instagram using an account for “willietheclown.”


Clown threats have been widespread across the nation over the past month causing alarm among students and their families. This is the second arrest by CPSO and others are under investigation.


“Let’s be very clear, a threat of violence toward anyone will be treated seriously by the Caddo Sheriff’s Office,” Prator said. “We do not view such action as a joke, and anyone who makes such a post will not remain anonymous. Clearly, we can and will identify you, and then you will be arrested. Parents, please be aware of your child’s social media activity and take time to discuss with them the consequences of their actions.”



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