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CPSO to receive "sweet" show of support

Being a law enforcement officer isn’t always easy, and no one knows the struggles law enforcement officers face better than their families.

That’s why the Caddo Sheriff’s Wives Group is extending a “sweet” show of support to deputies on October 10 by participating in the nationwide Cookies for a Cop event.

Jennifer Menard, wife of Caddo Deputy Chris Menard, is heading the local drive. Group volunteers will be delivering individual cookie bags to each of the department’s 779 employees (over 1,700 total cookies) throughout the day Monday.

“We don't do this or anything we do for recognition for ourselves, but rather to let our heroes know that we see them, we love them, we support them, and we love to see them smile,” Menard said.

Cookies for a Cop got its start in Walton, Kentucky, in 2014, when organizer Becky Grizovic was looking for a way to show law enforcement officers they were valued and appreciated. Since then, Cookies with a Cop has delivered over 170,000 cookies to 607 departments in 28 states. 

This is the second year the CPSO Wives Group has participated in Cookies for a Cop. Leaders are prescreened and approved to make deliveries.

On the Cookies for a Cop website, Grizovic says, “We have a mission to deliver two cookies for every one officer and civilian support personnel in the hopes of bringing a smile to their face. The gift of a cookie is such a kind thing. The gift of tens of thousands, delivered in a coordinated effort is something beyond amazing!”

She closes with these words: Love and compassion are contagious. Lead the way. Inspire others.

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Note: The CPSO Wives Group will be meeting Sunday afternoon to assemble bags for delivery on Monday.

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