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Owner of Marine Corps jacket has been located

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A US Marine Corps jacket that was found in front of the Caddo Sheriff's North Market substation has been returned to its rightful owner. Roger Fields claimed the jacket on Tuesday. Fields, who lives in the area, said he had the jacket tied down on his motorcyle with a bungee cord when it apparently blew off. A friend of Fields' saw the posting about the jacket and notified him that it had been found. (Pictured: Fields and Captain Kevin Dunn.)

Original Release issued 12/29/16:

The Caddo Sheriff's Office is looking for the owner of a US Marine Corps leather jacket that was found in front of the CPSO substation on Wednesday.

Capt. Kevin Dunn said a citizen brought the jacket into the substation after finding it in the road in the 4900 block of North Market Street. The jacket is black and has the Marine Corps emblem on the back along with the years 69-73. A last name is embroidered on the front of the jacket, but Dunn said they will withhold that information to help identify the rightful owner if the jacket is claimed.

To make a claim, contact the Caddo Sheriff's Office at 681-1126.     

For questions regarding this press release, please contact Cindy Chadwick at (318) 681-0666

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