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Miami man arrested in local skimmer scammer case

A Miami man who took part in a local skimmer scam has been arrested in Florida on a Caddo Sheriff’s warrant, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Manuel Espinosa, 41, of Miami Beach, was arrested Monday, October 2, in Key West, FL.  He was stopped by U.S. Navy military police, who discovered the Caddo warrant.

Caddo Sheriff’s Det. Jeremy Edward conducted an investigation and said Espinosa was working with a group of suspects who obtained victims’ personal information by skimming credit cards at gas station pumps throughout Shreveport-Bossier City. That information was used to produce counterfeit debit cards which were turned over to Espinosa who used them to purchase gift cards from area merchants. The gift cards were then split with others involved in the skimmer scam.

Espinosa was taken into custody by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and is being held in Monroe County Jail in Stock Island, Florida, until he can be returned to Caddo Parish. He faces a charge of Access Device Fraud in Caddo Parish.

Two others were previously arrested in connection with this case and warrants remain outstanding for four more.

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