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Florida man charged in second local identity theft case

DOB: 12/06/1967
Race: W   Sex: M
Height: 6.00   Weight: 240

A Delray Beach, FL, man is facing a second charge of identity theft for stealing the personal information of a Caddo Parish resident, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Kevin James Lynch, 50, is accused of obtaining a $32,000 line of credit in the name of an 81-year-old Shreveport man.

Lynch is currently in the Caddo Correctional Center where Detective Jeremy Edward charged him on Tuesday with identity theft. He also faces an earlier charge of identity theft for obtaining multiple lines of credit using a Blanchard woman’s identity. 

Lynch has no connection to either victim, and it’s not known how he obtained their personal information.

Prator said citizens can help prevent ID theft by practicing some common precautions. Among them, he said, are to destroy private records and statements, safeguard your Social Security number, and monitor your credit report and credit card statements. It is also recommended to never leave ATM, credit card or gas station receipts behind and never let your credit card out of your sight when making a transaction. 

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