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CPSO seeks info in bank fraud case

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A traveling ring of bandits is believed responsible for more than $70,000 in debit card fraud that claimed victims in Shreveport-Bossier, New Orleans, and Dallas, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Fraud investigators from a local bank recently advised the Sheriff’s Office that debit cards belonging to multiple bank customers had been compromised.  The customers received text messages stating their cards had been locked and they needed to call to have the cards unlocked. Once the customers called the number they were asked for their PIN.  When they provide their PIN, money was withdrawn from their accounts.

Sheriff’s Detective Clarissa Harris said in just one week, the offenders compromised more than 50 debit cards and stole more than $70,000.

The Sheriff’s Office obtained these photos of persons who may have information about this case.                                                  

  1. A black male with glasses and tattoos on the inside of both forearms, the back of his right hand, over his left eye, and above his right ear. 
  2. Second black male, tall, with a slender build.  He has a short afro and a beard. 
  3. A white male with a ball cap and a tattoo that possibly reads Sasha on the right side of his neck. (Seen in three photos)

Anyone who can provide information or help locate these persons of interest is asked to contact Det. Harris at 318-681-0700 or Caddo-Shreveport Crime Stoppers at 318-673-7373.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact Cindy Chadwick at (318) 681-0666

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