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Woman arrested for forgery, filing false public records

A Shreveport woman was arrested for forging signatures on four property deeds and filing the paperwork with the Clerk of Court, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Krystle Williams, 32, presented falsified documents in Shreveport City Court while going through an eviction process. The documents fraudulently stated that Williams was deeded the property from which she was being evicted along with three other properties. Further investigation determined that none of the four property owners sold any of their properties or conducted any paperwork related to property deeds.

All of the property deeds presented in court had the forged signature and Louisiana Bar number of a local attorney. The attorney reported the forgery to law enforcement after being contacted by Williams’ landlord.

Sheriff’s Detective Mike King obtained an arrest warrant for Williams on February 14. She was arrested the same day and booked into Caddo Correctional Center on four counts of Forgery and four counts of Filing or Maintaining False Public Records.

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