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Woman arrested for altering court order

DOB: 08/30/1991
Race: W   Sex: F
Height: 5.06   Weight: 138

A Shreveport woman has been criminally charged for altering a court order and presenting it to her children’s school, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Stephana Garrett, 29, was detained September 24 at the Caddo Parish Courthouse where she had appeared for a hearing on a restraining order. She was later arrested and booked into Caddo Correctional Center for forgery.

Caddo Det. Clarissa Harris investigated the case and said that Garrett submitted an altered temporary restraining order at her children’s school.  The paperwork appeared suspicious to the School Resource Officer who contacted the Clerk of Court and determined the restraining order had actually been denied.

A comparison of the order on file with the Clerk of Court and the order submitted to the school showed several alterations.  The judge’s initials were forged in multiple places, a date and address were added, and stamps showing the order was denied were covered up.

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