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Missing woman found safe

An 81-year-old woman missing in south Caddo Parish has been found safe and well, Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator announced.

Frances "Joann" Rolland was found about a mile from her residence on Providence Road Extension around 10 a.m. today. Caddo Sheriff's Sgt. Matt Cowden and Deputy Justin Sundquist were combing the area on a side-by-side when they spotted her in the brush waving down the deputies. Cowden said Rolland appeared to be in good condition, but her first request was for water. She was checked out by medics and has returned home to her family.

Rolland was reported missing yesterday evening after she didn't return home from a walk. She told deputies that she went around the backside of her property and got lost. She tried to find her way back but ended up spending the night in a deer stand.

The search for Rolland included K-9s, drones, community volunteers, and a rescue helicopter. Rolland said she could hear some of the activity but darkness kept rescuers and Rolland from seeing each other. 

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