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Winter storm update (Monday, Feb. 22, 2021)

Water distribution sites for citizens of Shreveport and Caddo Parish will open at noon Tuesday, February 23, at the following locations. Each vehicle is limited to one case of water.


Youree Drive Middle School (enter from Carroll Street)

Southern Hills Elementary School (enter from Kingston Road)

C.E. Byrd High School (enter from Gladstone Boulevard)

Huntington High School (enter from Rasberry Lane)

Independence Stadium/State Fairgrounds (enter from Greenwood Avenue)

Rural Caddo Parish:

Blanchard Town Hall, 110 Main Street

The City of Shreveport says all areas of the City should see some level of water restoration by tomorrow. A boil ban remains in effect until work is completed and water samples are examined by the State, which could be by the end of the week.

The Water Department is centering its water restoration efforts around several areas of the City. Work is being completed in Downtown Shreveport. The Highland and Queensborough neighborhoods could start seeing some water pressure tonight. The biggest challenge for crews has been the communities surrounding Pines Road. Nearly two dozen crews are working and all meter technicians are responding to emergencies and closing off meters that are leaking.

The Water Department is encouraging customers to turn on faucets only if there is no running water. This will help push out air on the line to allow the water pressure to flow. 

In other announcements:

  • City offices will remain closed tomorrow.  All essential city workers will continue to report to work or work remotely.
  • Shreveport Regional and Downtown airports are operational.
  • All water customers are asked to conserve water while work is being done to restore all customers:
  1. Limit showers to three minutes.
  2. Only wash clothes in full loads.
  3. No car washing.
  4. Don’t leave water running while washing dishes, etc.
  • Due to the closure of Government Plaza, Parish of Caddo offices located on the 8th floor, as well as the Caddo Parish Courthouse and Juvenile Court Complex, will be physically closed to the public on Tuesday, February 23.  Citizens may still reach Parish administrative offices and departments by calling (318) 226-6900.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact Cindy Chadwick at (318) 681-0666

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