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Sheriff Prator reminds drivers, occupants to "Buckle Up in Your Truck"


The Caddo Sheriff’s Office will participate in a statewide seatbelt enforcement campaign aimed at educating pickup drivers and their occupants about the importance of buckling up. The campaign will run from April 17-24 and is paid for with a grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

With a goal of reducing injuries and unrestrained fatalities on our roadways, Caddo deputies will participate in high-visibility enforcement to bring awareness to the importance of seatbelt usage and laws. Deputies will join other law enforcement officers across the state who are looking for unrestrained drivers and occupants, specifically those in pickups.

According to the LHSC, pickups are twice as likely to roll over in a crash, and Louisiana pickup drivers and their passengers are less likely to wear their seat belts. A 2019 Louisiana Seat Belt Observation Survey shows that pickup occupants wear their seat belts 8.8 percent less frequently than occupants of other vehicles.

“The best way to protect yourself in a crash is to wear a seat belt,” said Sheriff Steve Prator. “This simple reminder could be the one that saves your life.”

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