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Caddo deputy arrests three parents following aggressive behavior towards school principal

DOB: 10/30/1991
Race: W   Sex: F
Height: 5.03   Weight: 135
DOB: 02/02/1989
Race: W   Sex: M
Height: 5.08   Weight: 140
DOB: 01/05/1991
Race: W   Sex: F
Height: 5.11   Weight: 160

SHREVEPORT, La. – The parents of students at a local middle school are behind bars after being verbally and physically hostile towards a local school principal, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Cpl. James Norwood said the incident all stemmed from a late school bus.

Just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 29-year-old Karen Christensen and 30-year-old Melissa Holman screamed profanities at the Donnie Bickham Middle School principal complaining about a late school bus. The principal explained she had no control over the bus drivers’ schedules and was contacting the transportation department about the issue. The principal said she felt threatened as the foul language continued. In an effort to get away, the principal walked outside and into her car. As she pulled out, Holman blocked her car and 32-year-old Jeffrey McClain began banging on her window and tried to force it open. At that point, the principal called the Caddo Sheriff’s Office and Cpl. Norwood responded.

Cpl. Norwood arrested Christensen and McClain at their homes in Shreveport yesterday. He also tracked down Holman and arrested her at her home in Mooringsport this afternoon. All three were booked into Caddo Correctional Center charged with Unlawful Disruption of the Operation of a School.

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