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Man jailed for fraud faces more charges

DOB: 01/15/1991
Race: W   Sex: M
Height: 5.06   Weight: 170
A man in jail for credit card fraud is now facing more felony charges, according to Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator. Detectives say his actions account for more than $17,000 in related losses.
Steven Cook, Jr., a 30-year-old employee at the Merryton Inn on Monkhouse Drive, was first arrested on October 27 for using a customer's debit card information. During his arrest, he was in possession of a debit card belonging to the victim.

Further investigation by Det. Mike King found that Cook opened an account in the victim's name and used it to receive the victim's tax refund and pay for guests' rooms at the hotel. King said there were also several fraudulent checks with the victim's name forged on the checks that were deposited into the account. The total loss amount related to the funds in the account was $17,288.51.

Cook, who was still being detained at Caddo Correctional Center on previous charges, was charged additionally with Identity Theft, Theft, and Forgery. 

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