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Employee of local company arrested for internal theft

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An employee of Magnolia Plumbing was arrested today for stealing money from the company, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Brad Peccio, 44, of Bossier City, was arrested on Tuesday, January 31, after an investigation determined he initiated a scheme to steal from his employer, resulting in the loss of over $7,700.

Peccio’s job duties included making purchases from local hardware stores to complete work-related assignments, for which he was issued a company debit card. In January of 2023, it was discovered that Peccio used the debit card for personal purposes since May of 2022. He paid personal bills and received unauthorized cash back on seventy-five transactions at different hardware stores.

Caddo Sheriff’s Detective Roosevelt Tadlock investigated the case for the Caddo-Shreveport Financial Crimes Task Force. Following his investigation, Peccio was arrested for felony theft. He was incarcerated at the Caddo Correctional Center for an unrelated matter at the time of the arrest.

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