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Caddo Sheriff hosts appreciation ceremony for reserve deputies

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Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator hosted an event to show his appreciation for the reserve deputies who volunteer their time to police the Caddo Parish community.

The Sheriff's Office has around 50 reserve deputies. The reserve unit includes lawyers, doctors, engineers, technicians, and others who attended the Reserve Academy. They perform the same duties as regularly sworn POST deputies without receiving any pay.

In the previous year, the reserve deputies collectively volunteered 12,071 hours. Cody Daniels was recognized for volunteering the most patrol hours, with a total of 1,337 hours. Jim Fortson was recognized for volunteering the most support hours, with a total of 565 hours. 

Several reserve deputies were also given appreciation certificates, including Stephen Haley, Colin Wilson, Kevin Kidwell, Matt Richardson, Cindy Fortson, Daniel Mathews, Kerry Foster, and Debra Burcham.

The Sheriff expressed his gratitude toward the reserve deputies for their service and sacrifice. He acknowledged that their hours of service allow the office to allocate funds toward other areas that benefit the citizens directly. Also, he mentioned that the support they provide to the full-time deputies is invaluable. As citizens of Caddo Parish, we should all show appreciation for the reserve deputies' dedication to their community.

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