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More cows shot in Caddo Parish

The Caddo Sheriff’s Office is investigating its third report of cattle being shot and killed in the Dixie-Shreveport area.

Sheriff Steve Prator said an unknown suspect shot two cows Wednesday night in the 5900 block of Haygood Road. One of the cows died after being shot in the side. It was found inside the fence next to the roadway. The second cow was shot in the stomach and was still alive when it was discovered. Its current condition is not known. A third cow was found dead Friday in a pasture on Sentell Road.

In August, another cow was killed on Sentell Road about five miles away from the Haygood Road shooting.

Prator said evidence was collected at the scene on Haygood Road, and witnesses said a small white pickup truck was seen in the area and could be involved.

Anyone with information about the shootings is urged to contact Sgt. Doyle Smith of the Caddo Sheriff’s Office at 675-2170 or Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.
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