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Girl charged with raping step-siblings

A 14-year-old girl was arrested by the Caddo Sheriff’s Office for the aggravated rape of two step-siblings.

The victims, who include an 8-year-old female and a 10-year-old male, told family members that their step-sister had sexually abused them from 2005-2007. The teen-age girl lives in Shreveport, but the siblings live out of state. The victims said the offenses occurred whenever they came to Caddo Parish to visit.

The victims were interviewed through a child advocacy center in the state where they live. The advocacy center forwarded their findings to an out-of-state sheriff’s office, which worked with Caddo Sheriff’s Detective Dorothy Brooks.

Brooks arrested the teenage girl following an interview at the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division. The girl was booked into the Caddo Juvenile Detention facility.  
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