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Improper acts with juveniles leads to couple’s arrest

Caddo Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Keithville woman who purchased alcohol for a group of juveniles and allowed them to drink it at sleepovers at her house.

Tammie Swain, 46, of 6364 President Lane, was booked into Caddo Correctional Center for indecent behavior with juveniles. She was also arrested for the misdemeanor violation of unlawfully purchasing alcohol for minors.

Sheriff’s Detective Robert Greer, who made the arrest, said Swain is accused of purchasing Green Apple Smirnoff for at least five girls ages 10-13. One of the girls was a relative of Swain’s.

The sleepovers involving alcohol occurred on at least five occasions over the past year. Deputies were alerted after an adult overheard a phone conversation where Swain was planning another sleepover with alcohol.

In addition to providing alcohol, Swain is accused of playing group games like Truth or Dare with the girls and that the games had sexual overtones. One girl reported that she was inappropriately touched by Swain during one of the games.

Swain’s husband, 44-year-old Kevin Swain, was issued a misdemeanor summons for contributing to the delinquency of juveniles. Kevin Swain is accused of allowing the underage drinking to occur in his home.  
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