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Fatality attributed to weather

(posted 10/29/09 at 7:02p.m.)

Caddo Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a fatality accident that occurred earlier tonight on Hwy. 170 in north Caddo Parish.

A 1998 Ford Taurus traveling eastbound on Hwy. 170 (Pine Island Road) hit a tree that had fallen across the roadway.The vehicle went under the tree and traveled another 350 feet before veering off the roadway and impacting a second tree.

The accident occurred about a half mile west of Mt. Gilead Road. The driver, 20-year-old Blake Hickman of Vivian, died at the scene. 

Two other vehicles hit the tree immediately following the fatality crash but before emergency responders had arrived. No major injuries were sustained in the other two crashes.

Deputies said the area is dark and hilly with a curvy road.  
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