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Caddo Sheriff’s Weather Update

(11:00 a.m.)

Caddo deputies remain in the area of Stagecoach Road and Riding Club Lane where they are rescuing stranded residents from flooded houses. Here is a breakdown of what's been happening:

About 10 people in this area were rescuedby the Caddo Sheriff's Office last night from cars and houses. Another 20 plus people were rescued in the neighborhood today. Seven dogs were rescued. About 20 homes have water inside two to three feet deep.

Overnight, residents shined flashlights in the woods to draw deputies to their locations. Many homeowners have been flagging down deputies for rescue. Deputies have been going house to house by boat to see if anyone needs assistance. Most residents are leaving. Some who have property on higher ground are staying. Residents who leave are advised them must stay gone from their homes until law enforcement deems it is safe to return.

Rescues are being conducted using the Sheriff's Office Hovercraft.  

People being rescued have ranged in age from 10 to probably late 60s. One man was legally blind. Another woman needed assistance walking. A drilling crew from Chesapeake was assisted. Some of them walked out on higher ground. Others were taken out by boat.

Another 6-8 people in the neighborhood are still awaiting rescue. 
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