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CPSO arrests man for seven burglaries

Caddo deputies have arrested a Shreveport man and charged him with seven counts of burglary in south Caddo Parish, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Detectives say that within an hour and a half on September 7, Taurean L. Thomas, 24, broke into four houses in search of items to pawn or sell. The first break-in occurred on Fountainbleau Road, but Thomas fled when an alarm was activated. He then broke into a house on Clingman Road where he took musical instruments and jewelry. Next, he activated an alarm when he opened the front door of a residence on Williams Road. Afterward, he burglarized a house on Stoer Road, taking a flat screen TV and laptop computer. He was seen by witnesses leaving the area. Thomas then pawned some of the stolen goods in Bossier City and sold other stolen items on the street.

Thomas was also arrested for a burglary on Keithville-Springridge Road where jewelry was taken, and a break-in on Colquitt Road where guns were stolen. Both occurred on August 16. Thomas is also accused of a burglary on Vardaman Road that occurred when the homeowner was out of town between Aug. 31 and Sept. 7. He returned from his trip to find a flat screen TV, DVD player, and pistol missing from his home.

Thomas was booked into Caddo Correctional Center following his arrest by Detectives Michael Escude' and Terry Richardson. They were assisted in the investigation by Deputy Kevin Calhoun.
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