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Repeat ID thief back in jail

A man who went to jail in May for using stolen credit card information to purchase thousands of dollars in pizza is back in jail for committing a similar crime.

Francis O. Gallagher, 21, used a stolen credit card number from one victim and personal information from a second victim to open a Verizon wireless account and purchase a smart phone. The total loss was $3,300.
Gallagher was arrested in May for his participation in a large-scale identity theft ring. Gallagher was receiving stolen credit card numbers from an inmate incarcerated in a Tennessee prison. Gallagher used the stolen numbers to purchase electronic equipment and over $10,000 in Domino’s pizza. Gallagher was released on probation in July after receiving a four-year hard labor suspended sentence. Upon his release, he again made contact with the inmate in Tennessee to commit this identity theft.

The Tennessee inmate, Justin Williams, is incarcerated for multiple convictions of identity theft. He has used smart phones with internet service to continue his crime spree from prison and has managed to commit thefts in over 20 states.

Gallagher was booked into Caddo Correctional Center on Tuesday by Caddo Sheriff's Detective Bobby Herring. Gallagher was charged with identity theft and forgery.

Herring is also assisting Tennessee detectives with their investigation of Williams.
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