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Man cited for child desertion

A Shreveport man was cited for child desertion after the toddler he was caring for was found wandering alone near traffic.

Motorists traveling in the 300 block of Mayo Road spotted the 2-year-old boy unattended on the edge of the road around 1:30 p.m. today. The boy was wearing shorts, but no shirt or shoes. The couple stopped and tried to locate someone who may know the boy. The Caddo Sheriff's Office and Child Protective Services both responded.

Deputies went house to house and located the child's babysitter, Bradley Farnell, at 393 Mayo Road. Farnell said he fell asleep while the child was napping. The child woke up and left the house through the front door. The child was found by the road in front of the residence, said Deputy Chad Davis.

Davis issued Farnell a misdemeanor summons for child desertion. The child was returned to his mother by Child Protective Services.
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