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Caddo Sheriff seeks revocation of business's alcohol permit

A Mooringsport convenience store with a record of selling alcohol to people who are underage is being asked to explain why it shouldn't have its alcoholic beverage permit revoked.

Herman Crady and Joseph Hawkins, owners of The Triangle on Hwy. 1, have been ordered to appear before the Caddo Parish Commission during a hearing requested by Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator. The hearing is scheduled to take place November 4 at Government Plaza after the Commission's regular meeting, which starts at 3:30 p.m.

Prator said he is seeking the revocation based on numerous occasions where sheriff's deputies cited Triangle employees for selling alcohol to underage persons. Between February 2007 and August 2010 the Caddo Sheriff's Office conducted seven operations targeting underage sales, and each time, a Triangle employee illegally sold alcohol to a person who was underage. So far, the citations have resulted in five convictions. The most recent two cases are still pending in court.

"It's apparent they are not going to change their behavior, so in order to protect our young people, we are asking that The Triangle no longer have the privilege of selling alcohol," Prator said.
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