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Sheriff Prator opens Red River substation

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator officially opened a new Sheriff's Office substation on Red River today.

The substation is located in the structure that once housed the former S-Port Marina at Stoner Avenue and Clyde Fant Parkway. The marina closed in December of 2008, and the facility was recently made available by the City of Shreveport to the Caddo Sheriff's Office.In a cooperative agreement, the city provides use of the building to the Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff's Office provides patrols on the river within the city limits of Shreveport.

Having a substation on the river will allow deputies to permanently dock their boats downtown and will improve response times, Prator said. Before, deputies transported their boats each day from the substation located several miles away at 4910 North Market.

Renovations to the property include a new roof and floor, exterior paint and signage, and leveling of the structure, which is located on the water. The structure was converted from a restaurant to office space with work stations for deputies and reception area for guests.

The new substation will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and will serve as the base of operations for the Caddo Sheriff's Marine Patrol. Visitors can obtain information about water and boating safety, river conditions, and activities planned on Red River.

The Caddo Sheriff's Marine Unit includes four deputies and six watercraft. Two of the boats, including a 25-foot Safeboat, are kept at the Stoner Avenue substation at all times. Duties of the Marine Unit include responding to calls for service, writing reports on incidents originating on the water, enforcing laws, and assisting boaters and other agencies. The deputies also teach boating and water safety, and provide a law enforcement presence during events on the Red River, such as fishing tournaments, boat races, and fireworks displays.
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