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Underage Liquor Sales

The Caddo Sheriff's Office Youth Services Division conducted an operation Wednesday targeting businesses who sell alcohol to underage customers. Thirty businesses in Caddo Parish were checked for compliance with state laws. Summonses were issued at eight of the businesses, said Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator.

Those receiving summonses for selling alcohol to persons under the age of 21 were:  

1) Ashley Denise Robertson, 26, an employee of Cash Magic, 14347 Hwy. 1 in Vivian;  

2) Sheharyar Khan, 42, an employee of Kwik Pantry, 15585 Hwy. 1 in Vivian;  

3) Travis J. Gagnon, 31, an employee of J&J Lounge, 17680 Hwy. 1 in Vivian;  

4) Lisa Knisley, 43, an employee of S & A Truck Stop, 12300 Mansfield Road in Keithville;  

5) Debra Nolte, 43, an employee of The Derrick, 6782 Colquitt Road in Keithville;  

6) Charlene Pollen, 25, an employee of Lickskillet Liquor, 10106 US Hwy. 79 in Bethany;  

7) Marcia King, 56, an employee of State Line Liquor, 11588 US Hwy. 80 in Greenwood; and*  

8) Stephanie King, 41, an employee of State Line Sports Bar, 11588 US Hwy. 80 in Greenwood.*  

*Same location, separate businesses
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