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Visitation suspended at CCC


On-site visitation for inmates at Caddo Correctional Center has been suspended until further notice in an effort to prevent the coronavirus from entering the facility, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Changes were discussed and recommendations were made for all parish jails during a meeting today with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association and the state Department of Corrections.

“Our concern is about keeping inmates and staff healthy and safe; our goal is to limit the opportunity for COVID-19 to enter our facility,” Prator said.  “We realize these are drastic measures but having a confined population we have to take the extra steps. We will reinstate visitation just as soon as possible.”

While visitors will not be allowed to go to CCC for video visitation, they can still visit remotely, the Sheriff said. More information about remote visits is available at the Sheriff’s Office website at under Inmate-Jail Information/Visitation Schedule.

Also cancelled are visits by religious volunteers, clergy, and program volunteers, with the exception of the Hi-Set program.

Anyone who is not an employee of the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office or the Caddo Parish Commission will be required to undergo a medical screening before entering the jail. This includes attorneys and vendors. The screening includes a temperature check and response to three brief health-related questions.

Convicted sex offenders who must visit CCC to register or maintain compliance with their registration may visit the jail but will also be required to under medical screening.

Caddo Correctional Center can hold up to 1,500 inmates daily. Inmates routinely receive a medical screening at the time of booking, which includes checking temperatures and asking specific questions about whether they have traveled out of the country recently.

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