YATES TIMOTHY WAYNE 2023/10/10   (278 days) 40 M
YORK DONTREAL DAMON QUACYE 2021/01/30   (1,261 days) 23 M
YORK KRYSTAL LEIGH 2024/05/30   (45 days) 41 F
YOUNG MARTAVIOUS DOMINIQUE 2024/03/01   (135 days) 25 M
YOUNG JAYLAN D'SHUN 2024/02/20   (145 days) 23 M
YOUNG LATERRANCE DE'MAR'SE 2023/10/09   (279 days) 37 M
YOUNG JAMES DARRNELL 2022/12/30   (562 days) 38 M
YOUNG MICHAEL STROM'MEL 2024/01/31   (165 days) 33 M
YOUNG JAQUAN SHACORIYE 2024/01/05   (191 days) 23 M

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